SpamSpot ™

SpamSpot ™ – FAQ

WHAT is SpamSpot ™ ?

SpamSpot ™ is an analytical engine created by to help you analyze how spammy are the customer reviews of every product from online marketplace, in order to provide you with a higher confidence when shopping online.
Millions of product reviews are collected and analyzed with our proprietary Text Mining and Artificial Intelligence technology.

HOW to use SpamSpot ™ ?

Copy a Product Link to start analysis. Below is how a Product Link looks like:

OR, simply search any Keyword.
The results are presented in a color scale to show how confident we are about the product reviews. Higher confidence means less spammy. spam fake customer reviews 

WHICH marketplace is supported by SpamSpot ™ ?

Currently we only support Qoo10. We plan to include other marketplaces like Lazada, Amazon, AliExpress, Taobao etc. in the near future.